Not Registering is the Same as Confiscation

by militialaw on February 25, 2014

The Government of Connecticut has taken the first step in confiscating rifles and magazines from owners who have not registered them.

Sipsey Street Irregulars has posted the identities and home addresses of everyone who voted for the confiscation registration.

The Connecticut government has made its decision. The Connecticut media has thrown its support behind the suited thugs in Hartford. The populace in Connecticut appears to be completely indifferent to the situation.

Connecticut gun owners now have a choice to register them or surrender them.

I say register.

“What!?! But Mr. Militia Law you believe all gun laws are illegal! How can you say ‘register?’ ”

Easy. Registration isn’t confiscation. It leads to confiscation, but it isn’t confiscation. You still have your rifle and mags.

Look, they know you have it, or at least suspect you do. If you bought it in Connecticut, the 4473 has a record of it.

But what is important here is if you don’t register it, you are going to keep it locked away somewhere. That means you aren’t going to practice with it. It will become all but useless to you.

If you are going to keep it buried in the yard or locked away under the floor boards, they might as well have confiscated it from you.

Let me repeat that:

If you are going to keep it buried in the yard or locked away under the floor boards, they might as well have confiscated it from you.

But if you register it, you can take it with you everywhere, and practice with it every week.

Just a box a week to keep the muscle memory sharp and as a reminder to any cop watching you from the next lane over, that the populace is heavily armed. And practicing.

You can even make it clear defense against raids is what you are practicing. Oleg Volk has a great target you can download.

Imagine every rifle range in Connecticut packed every weekend with folks who are practicing at shooting heavily armored invaders…quite a [scary] sight to certain folks who don’t take too kindly to gun ownership.

Registration is a horrible thing, but you can make it a motivation to finally start exercising with your rifle on a weekly basis. Join a 3-gun club. Build a range in your yard. Reinforce your front door.

Do something to get ready for the inevitable confiscation.

Practice. Practice some more. Teach others to shoot rifles. Repeat.

3 thoughts on “Not Registering is the Same as Confiscation

  1. Soffitrat says:

    No way. I cannot see agreeing with the demise of any amendment. These traitors have already been encouraged too much. That is how we got here. When they go for the guns, will you tell them to hand them over? Confiscation, which you agree is coming, is more than King George ever tried. Far more. Disregard the ‘mandate’ of a legislature. But then, perhaps it’s time to begin the organized, well-regulated, extermination of all attorneys. Present company excepted, of course. :) They arrest one; one dies. They ruin a life; they forfeit a life. Begin with sons and daughters who qualify. Makes about as much sense as what they are doing. Same logic.

    • militialaw says:

      You are morally correct, but it won’t happen that way. If someone does act that way I won’t condemn them. But let’s face the truth that homo sapien americanus isn’t homo sapien ukrainius or even homo sapien venezuelanus.

      I’m talking pragmatism, not idealism. Those who would burya rifle, won’t physically resist. They are always waiting for someone else to be the first mover.

      I’ve seen it with my own eyes when on vacation: rifles that were banned being hidden away due to a failure to register. They are never used. The owner doesn’t practice with it and when I inquire why they don’t secretly practice out somewhere, an improvised range, the answer is always the same; “I can’t risk being found with it. But don’t worry, I’ll be ready when the balloon goes up.”

      They are crazy. They won’t be ready. They will be a liability.

      It would be morally right for someone to manufacture a full-auto for their own use, as the law against such a thing is repugnant to the Second and common decency, but no one complains when someone obeys that law.

      As registration isn’t confiscation, its better to keep the rifle legal, under protest, so you will take it out and practice than to bury in the yard. I don’t thing Texas has ever banned anything so its hard for you to understand the concept of caching, but in several states that have semi-auto bans, there are rifles that are never touched and treated as if the person doesn’t own them, as if they have been confiscated. I’m positive that doesn’t happen much if at all in Texas :)

      • Soffitrat says:

        No. It certainly doesn’t. I would rather they have their guns when the country blows, than to be reduced to throwing rocks., or having to take them off of dead cops. The cost of producing each dead cop will be high, and I know those people are not up to that. I agree with you about their collective character. They will never move first, or even on their own. But they might move when the rest of us do first. Maybe?

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