If You Are Reading This, You Are a Violent Racist

by militialaw on February 26, 2014

The hate mongers at the SPLC are busy conflating “patriots” and “militias” with “hate organizations” this week releasing a report that the number of the groups they spy on has dropped, but, fortunately for the SPLC’s bank account, the remaining groups are “leaner and meaner.”

SPLC continues to successfully demonize militias by making them indistinguishable from groups that hold racial supremacy beliefs. I say successfully because men all over this country are scared to publicly declare themselves militia supporters, me included. There is anecdotal evidence we’ve all heard that “militia” is a word that can get you reported to any number of government entities, including the effa bee eye. Giggles and even guffaws result from the discussion of a militia in so called “polite company.”

It’s ridiculous, evidence of poor education, and of course unfair, but quite necessary in this environment. Liberty is all but illegal in this country. You do not have the right to decide where to live, how much to make, or what to own without getting government approval. Care to add a room onto your home? Hope your government inspector agrees with you. Want to sell raw milk to your community? Not in most jurisdictions, plus the feds have minimum prices for milk you hippie. Prefer to drive a car without an emissions system on it? Ha.

No wonder men don’t want to publicly participate in militias.

But the fact is if we don’t want martial law, we need to start agitating for militia law.

It’s time to mainstream militias.

One thought on “If You Are Reading This, You Are a Violent Racist

  1. Soffitrat says:

    I fully admit that I am a racist and hate others. I hate black racists everywhere I find them (which is everywhere) and anyone (like the SPLC) who tries to destroy my country. Now that this is out of the way, screw the SPLC and ALL of their illiterate, uneducated, minions. They are forcing the very real need for militias, and they’re going to just love the people’s courts that will ensue. They should read up on the revolution that took place in France to discover how that turned out for select groups.

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