Registration is Not Confiscation , Part 2

by militialaw on February 27, 2014

Kurt Hofmann at the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner points out that the threatening letters that the government sent out include three “options” for the rifle owner. The owner can send it out of state, sell to someone else, or render it inoperable. The fourth option was surrender it to a Connecticut cop.
Many of you don’t see each of these options result in de facto confiscation. I suppose we should define our terms.
Confiscation is where an item is involuntarily removed from your control. Traditionally, confiscation involves the government physically taking “contraband” under the color of law. That is what gun owners generally think of when someone uses the term “confiscation.”
I’ve been arguing that failing to register is the same as confiscation. Let’s look at each option the government has given non-compliant residents:
(1) Send it out of state.
So you send your rifle to your great uncle in Maine. How does that help you when they come through the door? How do you use your rifle to defend your home on the seventh day after the EBT cards are turned off? How do you use your rifle in Maine, when the jack booted thugs start going door-to-door in Hartford? If you ship your rifle out of state it has been “confiscated” by Connecticut as a matter of fact.
(2) Sell to someone out of state/to dealer.
Well, that should be obvious. Your rifle is clearly out of your control and has been “confiscated” by Connecticut as a matter of fact.
(3) Render it inoperable.
Under this option you weld the bolt closed and weld a metal rod in the barrel. You now have a useless hunk of metal and plastic under this option. You can’t do anything with this “rifle” and as a result the Government of Connecticut has “confiscated” your rifle as a matter of fact.
You must admit each option results in a disarmed man.
You must admit each option has the same effect as literal confiscation by the government.
How are any of these options any different than burying your rifle in the front yard and not registering? If you do that, if you choose to not register, you lose access to the rifle just as if the ninjas took your gun from you. There is no two ways about it.
Registration is immoral, but during the time before they come to *try* to confiscate it, by registering you can still have access to the rifle WHEN they come for you.
Admit the law isn’t going to be reversed.
Admit a white knight is not coming to save your rights.
Admit they are going to confiscate the guns.
But you can still practice every weekend if you register.
Do you think they don’t know you have the rifle?
Between the 4473 you filled out for the rifle (or any gun for that matter; known gun owners will be at the top of the door-to-door list), to the ammo and mags you’ve had shipped to your door, they KNOW you have a rifle they just need to find it. And even if none of that applies to you for some reason, you can bet your last dollar they will do door-to-doors and will tear your property apart looking for the rifles.
You MUST practice each weekend as they are coming and you can’t practice if your rifle is smothered in Cosmoline, 6 feet under your garden. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but at some point Connecticut is going to come for the rifle and you better be able to use it.
If you think you can bury your rifle and still be effective with it after not using it for years, you are naïve and you are going to be among the first to be executed by the regime.
Finally, can I remind you that you have already submitted to background checks, 4473s, semi-auto only rules, and any number of other immoral restrictions on your right to own and bear arms…can you answer why would you finally “resist” on this point?
I’d sincerely like to hear of any reason why someone would choose caching over registration.

One thought on “Registration is Not Confiscation , Part 2

  1. smmtheory says:

    Better off not to have bought a legal one at all, eh?

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