Venezuelan General Shows “Oath Keepers” How It’s Done

by militialaw on February 27, 2014

The man in the photo below was a general in the Venzuelan army but quit when his CinC ordered him to order his men use the slogan “Fatherland or Death, We Will Overcome.”

Yes you read that right.

A General took his oath to his country seriously over something as small as a motto.

Can you imagine what he would have done if his CinC had ordered him to not provide support to an intelligence facility in Libya about to be overrun?

This General Angel Vivas knew his CinC was fascist scum who was about to lead his country down the road to ruin. So he did what any “oath keeper” would do: he quit.

Then he did this:

When the wave of student protests started a few weeks ago, Mr. Vivas took to YouTube and posted a long rant urging active duty officers not to fire at protesters. On Twitter, he offered practical advice on how to defend against attacks, particularly by gangs of pro-government thugs on motorcycles that were blamed for the shooting deaths of several protesters. The general recommended stringing up nylon or wire across streets to prevent riders from crossing.

Where is America’s General Vivas?

Too busy protecting his pension, I assume?

Do you mean to tell me that no general in the U.S. military has any inkling of what’s going on in this country…or are they just yellow?

“He has the guts that a lot of people lack,” said Anessa Cafferata, a 21-year-old engineering student who takes part in daily protests across the capital

He sure does.

He could even teach Americans a thing or two.

h/t to WRSA


One thought on “Venezuelan General Shows “Oath Keepers” How It’s Done

  1. Soffitrat says:

    Yes. They are just yellow. Our Generals and Admirals are just yellow. Their retirements (like they will live to see them) mean more to them than their country. And their families…

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