The Number of Sovereign Nations Drops By One

by militialaw on February 22, 2014

Only 23 years after it declared independence from the USSR, the Ukraine has submitted its sovereignty to EU-IMF control. Too bad. While the Soros-funded rebels played an important role in educating would-be American rebels on various tactics, in the end the rebels were seeking to align Ukraine under the control of the NWO. You do […]

A Challenge for FFLs

by militialaw on February 21, 2014

Would you please boycott this pistol? This new handgun, the Armatix iP1, is specifically designed to prep the nation for government veto power over the use of firearms, and to introduce the concept of “limited shelf life” weapons. Think of this pistol as the teflon they are spraying on that slippery slope we have heard […]

People < Fish

by militialaw on February 21, 2014

Hey Farmers! Remember that time the feds tried to kill you off with an unfair tax in 1791? And how you tried to fight back but the non-farmers wouldn’t back you? I wonder if you tried it again things would be different… From: “The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced Friday it will continue to […]

Trained to Break the Law

by militialaw on February 21, 2014

When those paid to enforce the law are made exempt from the law, by definition the “law” has ceased to be a “law” and is now a mere “whim.” “Whims” can make for a fun weekend, but they necessarily cause those without a badge to resent the badges, refuse to cooperate with the badges and […]

The Lexington/Concord Maxim

by militialaw on February 21, 2014

The Kiev situation brought to mind what I often thought of as the Lexington/Concord Maxim: The First and Second Amendments are interchangeable. The Maxim explains that if we are deprived of the First Amendment, then we will use the Second Amendment to communicate: Our rifles become our picket signs and our bullets become our votes.


by militialaw on February 21, 2014

Fortunately for the DC Beast, the residents of these Obamaville camps: do not appear to be persons motivated to turn their “lost everything” situation into a kinetic protest. Imagine what would happen if threepers start “losing it all.” Or, even better, imagine if threepers realized they have already lost it all. Be ready, steady, […]

Eatgrueldog – The Secret Power of Dorner

by militialaw on February 21, 2014

Good post on eatgrueldog regarding “The Secret of Dorner’s Success” and how it could be applied to the Kiev rebellion. You remember Dorner: he was the one man that tied up every police officer’s schedule in and around Los Angeles for over a week. Eatgrueldog’s last paragraph is addressing the Ukrainian situation, but how would […]

What Can Americans Learn from the Ukraine?

by militialaw on February 19, 2014

The WSJ has an interesting article on the upsurge of resistance in Kiev. The pro-EU rebels (who don’t quite understand how horrible it will be to be European) have been attacked by the pro-Sovereignty government forces (mistakenly called pro-Russian; they are pro-Russian in the sense when offered money from the NWO or an autocrat, they […]


by militialaw on February 19, 2014

As Obamacare matures we are starting to see its fruits. And as predicted by many, Obamacare has taken a slightly broken system of health insurance and smashed it against the rocks of the federal beast until it is now virtually unworkable. The idea behind Obamacare was to reduce health care costs and increase access to […]