Dependance Breeds the Tolerance of Tyranny

by militialaw on March 1, 2014



Just a friendly reminder that if you do not receive direct government benefits, including Social Security or a government pension, you are in the tiny majority of US residents. The fact is the overwhelming majority of US residents have no interest in changing the status quo due to the monthly checks DC provides.

They will, most likely, be willing to sell you out if they think doing so will keep their direct deposits coming.

If you don’t believe me, ladies and gentlemen we have a real world example of what happens when the working class gets frustrated with a tyrant courtesy of Venezuela.

The NY Times has a little read article out regarding the divide in Venezuela between the middle class and welfare class that has become apparent during the protests against Maduro.

Did you know the protests are limited to the “rich” side of Caracas?

Did you know the slum dwellers are unhappy with the govt, but because the government gives them stuff they aren’t participating in the protests?

Take a good look, because that is what any US rebellion will look like.

One thought on “Dependance Breeds the Tolerance of Tyranny

  1. soffitrat says:

    You are certainly right.

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