Emails: A Prosecutor’s Best Friend

by militialaw on March 6, 2014

To anyone who could possibly be a target of prosecutors this indictment is an excellent reminder that emails are not your friends when the government comes a calling.

The indictment lays out allegations of fraud against lawyers who were allegedly cooking the books of their firm in an effort to keep lines of credits open and their firm afloat. But if you skip down to page 54 of the indictment and start to read under the “Overt Acts” heading, then you will see the accused and their informants have quite a number of emails that certainly appear to be… less that exculpatory.

Burn it into your mind that every unencrypted email you send is being stored on a server deep in the heart of DC’s intelligence machine, just waiting to be used against you or someone you care about.

I had earlier posted about bitmessage as a possible solution for anonymous and encrypted communication, look into it if using encryption seems too hard for you, but you must do something to eliminate/reduce your library of evidence.

Of course, the best “something” you can do is not write anything down. While extremely difficult to do, keeping communications limited to face to face conversations makes it very, very difficult to be haunted by a written legacy of admissions.

One thought on “Emails: A Prosecutor’s Best Friend

  1. Soffitrat says:

    Excellent examples!

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