Militias Manufacture Liberty

by militialaw on March 10, 2014

I wrote how I’d like to see us mainstream secession discussions.

Secession necessarily requires an active militia backbone, so it is nice to see someone, a law professor no less, write about the need to teach the masses of suburban dwellers that militias are necessary, mandatory, and the most effective counter to governments.

From the article:

But this departure from the system the Framers set up has encouraged more intrusive law enforcement at home, and more military action abroad. So I’ll ask you: If a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state, then are we insecure? Or unfree? Or both?

I agree with President Jefferson that standing armies are incompatible wit a Free State. It would be quite a blow against this present police state if the million US soldiers, Marines, sailors and aviators took all of their issued gear home with them one day and taught their neighborhood how to use it.

Be ready, steady and accurate.

h/t WRSA

One thought on “Militias Manufacture Liberty

  1. soffitrat says:

    I think most people would prefer to have small police departments, with militia for the heavy lifting, over heavily armed SWAT units. It might not result in more liberty, but it would reduce the tyranny taking place across America.

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