Another Day, Another Warning Sign

by militialaw on March 15, 2014

Some of my readers think I’m being too harsh on cops; after all at least one of them should be a dedicated Constitutionalist who would never, ever, enforce an unjust law, right?


You remember the Connecticut cop that was so excited to kick down doors to arrest folks who refused to obey the new gun law?

It gets worse.

He also admitted he’d round up Jews and put them in in Ghettos, as long as that was the law.

I’m Jack’s complete lack of surprise a cop believes “just following orders” is a legitimate excuse for enforcing any old law.

I am surprised, however, that he admitted it on Facebook.

The paradigm has shifted. We are through the looking glass. We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Whatever cliche you want to use, the fact is that we are in 2014 but you still think its 1950.

From the dollar, to the government, to the education system, to the police, everything you were taught about America has changed…but you haven’t.

You still go to the voting booth. You still join go on vacation. You still pay your mortgage on your McMansion and run up your credit cards. You shop for and buy a new car, and buy the new super tactical semiauto awesome rifle that makes it to the monthly gun rag. You memorize sports stats and spend your Sundays in front of the boob tube watching ESPN.

In short: you still act like America is not a precipice and tomorrow will be the same as today.

If you continue to think that everything is ok, or even think that everything is manageable, you are going to land hard and crying.

If you think you’ll always be able to pull money out of the ATM, you need to wake up.

If you think the stores will always be open, you need to wake up.

If you think a couple of boxes of ammo through your rifle once a year is good enough, you need to wake up.

And if you think the police are your friends, you need to wake up.

Be ready, steady and accurate.


One thought on “Another Day, Another Warning Sign

  1. soffitrat says:

    I think you need that Texas locale soon.

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