Connecticut Police Running Scared

by militialaw on March 13, 2014

“The cops are having the threats…. they are scared,” he told us. Bullies getting their comeuppance is funny. That made my day. But the “he” in that statement above, John Cinque, is incredibly deluded: “We’re winning this thing; we’re winning this thing hard here,” Cinque said, referring to the efforts to ignore unconstitutional and unlawful […]

Militias Manufacture Liberty

by militialaw on March 10, 2014

I wrote how I’d like to see us mainstream secession discussions. Secession necessarily requires an active militia backbone, so it is nice to see someone, a law professor no less, write about the need to teach the masses of suburban dwellers that militias are necessary, mandatory, and the most effective counter to governments. From the […]

Emails: A Prosecutor’s Best Friend

by militialaw on March 6, 2014

To anyone who could possibly be a target of prosecutors this indictment is an excellent reminder that emails are not your friends when the government comes a calling. The indictment lays out allegations of fraud against lawyers who were allegedly cooking the books of their firm in an effort to keep lines of credits open […]

Erasing State Sovereignty, One Court Decision at a Time

by militialaw on March 2, 2014

Yet again, the court system fails the People: “SCOTUS shoot down state’s fight for gun rights.” The 9th Circuit had found the “Montana Firearms Freedom Act” was unconstitutional because it wrongfully tried to remove DC’s regulation of firearms from certain Montana-made weapons. The Act sought to create the concept of a Montana-only firearm which, according […]

Let the Hoarding Begin

by militialaw on March 2, 2014

David Codrea links to Sipsey Street Irregular’s reasoned argument that the Ukraine is going to cut off the import of Russian ammo. While steel-cased ammo has been ignored by some in the III community due to perceived negative effects on rifles, if the supply is cutoff of course that will cause brass-cased ammo to be […]

Dependance Breeds the Tolerance of Tyranny

by militialaw on March 1, 2014

Just a friendly reminder that if you do not receive direct government benefits, including Social Security or a government pension, you are in the tiny majority of US residents. The fact is the overwhelming majority of US residents have no interest in changing the status quo due to the monthly checks DC provides. They will, […]