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See You On The Green…

by militialaw on June 5, 2014

I am reposting, in full, Ms. Barnhardt’s essay  “Why I Am Considering Quitting”  as I could not write a better explanation on why I have ceased posting. And why I won’t any longer. I will continue to read various blogs, and even make comments, but I am done with participating in the dissemination of “outrage […]

This Is How Civil Wars Start

by militialaw on March 19, 2014

You live in a country were millions are literally dependent on monthly Social Security checks and free Medicare health coverage from the feds. Any reduction in these payments, actually any threatened reduction in these payments, can set off riots that will make the Watts riots look like a slow night in Mayberry. When the Director […]

Another Day, Another Warning Sign

by militialaw on March 15, 2014

Some of my readers think I’m being too harsh on cops; after all at least one of them should be a dedicated Constitutionalist who would never, ever, enforce an unjust law, right? Well… You remember the Connecticut cop that was so excited to kick down doors to arrest folks who refused to obey the new […]

Dependance Breeds the Tolerance of Tyranny

by militialaw on March 1, 2014

Just a friendly reminder that if you do not receive direct government benefits, including Social Security or a government pension, you are in the tiny majority of US residents. The fact is the overwhelming majority of US residents have no interest in changing the status quo due to the monthly checks DC provides. They will, […]

California Still Doesn’t Get It

by militialaw on January 9, 2014

The governor of California, “Moonbeam” Brown, proposes to increase California’s budget for the next fiscal year by 8% or almost 8 BILLION dollars. This is after the state has incurred another 15.8 BILLION dollars in unfunded pension liabilities which are conveniently being left off the books. The end is coming folks. Nobody gets it. There […]

We Probably Have Another 120-180 Days of Liberty Left

by militialaw on August 19, 2013

Hope you bought your ammo and explained to your significant other where she should bury your corpse: TPTB just “got real” as the gang members say: Gay lover of Snowden’s personal journalist detained, searched, and threatened Britain forces journalists to destroy computers with Snowden info Obama demands warrantless cell phone searches Ever see a dog […]

America Has Changed

by militialaw on June 16, 2013

In the 80’s the kids formed bands called Millions of Dead Cops and held concert tours called Rock Against Reagan. In 2013 the kids have Justin Bieber and tours called Hellfest. This is why we can’t have nice things.