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Not Registering is the Same as Confiscation

by militialaw on February 25, 2014

The Government of Connecticut has taken the first step in confiscating rifles and magazines from owners who have not registered them. Sipsey Street Irregulars has posted the identities and home addresses of everyone who voted for the confiscation registration. The Connecticut government has made its decision. The Connecticut media has thrown its support behind the […]

Martial Law: As Easy as Screaming “Terrorist”

by militialaw on April 21, 2013

Boston threw a massive party on Friday to celebrate being taken over by a militarized police force the police capturing a suspect in Monday’s bombing. They cheered the tanks and heavily armed police as heros; despite the fact they had all transportation shut down, were forced to stay inside their homes, had all businesses shut […]

New York: Where Cornwallis Surrendered and 2AR Begins?

by militialaw on January 16, 2013

Registration? Check. Indirect seizure via nontransferable grandfathering? Check. Magazine possession ban? Check. So what’s the chance of the judiciary providing relief? At the state level, a newly minted criminal’s appeal on constitutional grounds via suppression motion, it is probably .01%. Those motions almost never win unless there is already a published decision. At the federal […]