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Let the Hoarding Begin

by militialaw on March 2, 2014

David Codrea links to Sipsey Street Irregular’s reasoned argument that the Ukraine is going to cut off the import of Russian ammo. While steel-cased ammo has been ignored by some in the III community due to perceived negative effects on rifles, if the supply is cutoff of course that will cause brass-cased ammo to be […]

Why the U.S. Has Lost Manufacturing Jobs

by militialaw on January 30, 2014

So accurate and so well written I had to quote all of Michael Rozeff’s post at the Lew Rockwell blog: The U.S. has lost manufacturing jobs, and it is not due to increases in productivity in manufacturing or because there is a natural maturation into a services economy. The main reason is the freeing up […]

Iraqis are Worth $4,000,000 Each

by militialaw on February 20, 2013

Old Rebel points out US taxpayers are on the hook for $4 trillion dollars to pay for the Iraq War. As the conservative estimate is the US managed to kill 1 million Iraqis in its invasion effort, each kill cost $4 million. This is important to know because it is more cost effective to kill […]

“Boneless Chicken Ranch” and Paul Ryan

by militialaw on January 2, 2013

My thanks to Sipsey Street for coining the use of the Gary Larson cartoon “Boneless Chicken Ranch” in reference to the GOP. As predicted the House bowed to the power of the President and approved adding $3.9 trillion to the deficit as well as increasing taxes on 77% of households, and all of this was […]

Wishful Thinking…?

by militialaw on December 31, 2012

WRSA reposts a blog post by Bob Owens which provides a possible scenario when the Ban passes (the Ban will pass, please don’t tell me the neocon front Tea Party will somehow stop it). It is a fairly typical narrative of what has been coming from those who are awake and can see what the […]