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by militialaw on December 19, 2013

Man discovers it is illegal to wash his car in his own driveway The officer attempted to smile for the camera and be cordial while he enforced the unjust laws. He pulled out a copy of the law and read it to the men, who stood in disbelief. The officer explained that the men were […]

Another Dead Commie

by militialaw on December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela is dead but none of the main stories on his death expressly point out Mandela was at best a socialist and at his worse a Marxist. That is important because whitewashing history is a necessary truss in the building of a police state. A dead commie is a good thing and treating the […]

Nothing to See Here

by militialaw on December 1, 2013

“Our intelligence community isn’t the bad guys.” Really? They read your email, listen to your phone calls, kill without warrants, set up data collection centers in our country, spend an unlimited amount of secret money to actively reduce our liberty, financially support killers in Syria etc., crack the encryption we use to SSL the web, […]

Kerodin and the Federal Stalking Statute

by militialaw on October 30, 2013

And here I thought he’d forgotten all about me… Convicted extortionist Christian Kerodin, has demanded a face-to-face meeting with me and a bunch of others who he believes “are all talk.” These meetings, according to Kerodin, are necessary as he wants to prove a theory: Now, my contention is that the man would only speak […]

Summary Executions Needed in Keene, NH?

by militialaw on October 22, 2013

The pleasant hamlet of Keene, New Hampshire (having a population just over 23,000) was the site of Pumpkin Festival this past weekend. The festival is a community-hosted, family-friendly celebration of fall and of what is unique about Keene and the Monadnock region. It is also a celebration of artistry and creativity and a demonstration of […]

How Not to Respond to Cops

by militialaw on August 31, 2013

This tape proves that you can’t talk your way out of an arrest. So shut up. Don’t cooperate because you can’t avoid an arrest. Shut up. Be quiet. But let’s look at all four mistakes these gentlemen made 1. Failed to exercise their right to remain silent; 2. Telling the cops their showing up and […]

Paul McGuire Still Doesn’t Get It

by militialaw on June 24, 2013

In his article, Big Brother’s 300 Million Man Army, Mr. McGuire correctly describes the rise of the Orwellian surveillance police state and how it is a tool to get the People to think that the State is all powerful and can’t be stopped. Great point. Good read so far. But then he veers off into […]