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Erasing State Sovereignty, One Court Decision at a Time

by militialaw on March 2, 2014

Yet again, the court system fails the People: “SCOTUS shoot down state’s fight for gun rights.” The 9th Circuit had found the “Montana Firearms Freedom Act” was unconstitutional because it wrongfully tried to remove DC’s regulation of firearms from certain Montana-made weapons. The Act sought to create the concept of a Montana-only firearm which, according […]

What’s The Second Amendment?

by militialaw on January 1, 2014

Starting today, a massive set of gun regs, including no more face-to-face sales, no possession of mags greater than 10 rounds, rifle registration, and California-style rifle builds if the action was semi-auto, is the law in New York. NYSRPA, a gun advocacy group, filed a federal lawsuit to stop the laws from taking place. A […]

I’m Famous

by militialaw on August 26, 2013

I frequently criticize Oath Keepers for being unhelpful, to put it mildly. I love the concept, dig the number of members, but can’t stand how they aren’t doing anything. I posted something along that line and it was not only responded to by Mr. Codrea of WoG fame, but also Mr. Vanderboegh of SSI. It’s […]