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Reformation via Conflagration

by militialaw on March 15, 2014

The hope of an entire conservative generation, Justice Scalia, recently gave a speech where he said the obvious: “The Constitution is not a living organism,” he said. “It’s a legal document, and it says what it says and doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.” That got the Hannity/Limbaugh crowd fired up. Too bad he doesn’t […]

Another Day, Another Warning Sign

by militialaw on March 15, 2014

Some of my readers think I’m being too harsh on cops; after all at least one of them should be a dedicated Constitutionalist who would never, ever, enforce an unjust law, right? Well… You remember the Connecticut cop that was so excited to kick down doors to arrest folks who refused to obey the new […]

Connecticut Police Running Scared

by militialaw on March 13, 2014

“The cops are having the threats…. they are scared,” he told us. Bullies getting their comeuppance is funny. That made my day. But the “he” in that statement above, John Cinque, is incredibly deluded: “We’re winning this thing; we’re winning this thing hard here,” Cinque said, referring to the efforts to ignore unconstitutional and unlawful […]

Militias Manufacture Liberty

by militialaw on March 10, 2014

I wrote how I’d like to see us mainstream secession discussions. Secession necessarily requires an active militia backbone, so it is nice to see someone, a law professor no less, write about the need to teach the masses of suburban dwellers that militias are necessary, mandatory, and the most effective counter to governments. From the […]

Emails: A Prosecutor’s Best Friend

by militialaw on March 6, 2014

To anyone who could possibly be a target of prosecutors this indictment is an excellent reminder that emails are not your friends when the government comes a calling. The indictment lays out allegations of fraud against lawyers who were allegedly cooking the books of their firm in an effort to keep lines of credits open […]

A Kiev Kocktail?

by militialaw on February 28, 2014

Thanks to a reader at WRSA, we have an interesting use for Bullseye reloading powder described in a 1967 patent: A method of producing solid thermite pellets without the use of additives which comprises: mixing thermite powder with Bullseye pistol powder in the presence of a small amount of water, and cold pressing the mixture […]

Violent Rebellion , Not Voting, was Key to Rebel Victory in Ukraine

by militialaw on February 26, 2014 has posted the NATO response to Russian maneuvers/drills being conducted in and around Ukraine. The response has this whopper of a lie: We welcome the fact that violence has been stopped through negotiations that paved the way for a peaceful outcome. Ha! The only negotiating which occurred happened after rebels took to the streets, […]

If You Are Reading This, You Are a Violent Racist

by militialaw on February 26, 2014

The hate mongers at the SPLC are busy conflating “patriots” and “militias” with “hate organizations” this week releasing a report that the number of the groups they spy on has dropped, but, fortunately for the SPLC’s bank account, the remaining groups are “leaner and meaner.” SPLC continues to successfully demonize militias by making them indistinguishable […]

Not Registering is the Same as Confiscation

by militialaw on February 25, 2014

The Government of Connecticut has taken the first step in confiscating rifles and magazines from owners who have not registered them. Sipsey Street Irregulars has posted the identities and home addresses of everyone who voted for the confiscation registration. The Connecticut government has made its decision. The Connecticut media has thrown its support behind the […]