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Connecticut Police Running Scared

by militialaw on March 13, 2014

“The cops are having the threats…. they are scared,” he told us. Bullies getting their comeuppance is funny. That made my day. But the “he” in that statement above, John Cinque, is incredibly deluded: “We’re winning this thing; we’re winning this thing hard here,” Cinque said, referring to the efforts to ignore unconstitutional and unlawful […]

California FFL Will NOT Sell Smart Gun

by militialaw on February 27, 2014

Thanks to Dave Codrea, we know the Oak Tree Gun Club is not going to sell the “smart gun” being hyped by the fascists. Our facility does NOT carry the Armatix pistol, never has, and this comment was taken out of context in an interview conducted by the Washington Post, [¶] The licensed firearms dealer […]

Chicago Gets a Minor Win

by militialaw on January 6, 2014

A federal judge ruled Chicago was infringing on the Second Amendment by enacting laws that prevented the sale of firearms in Chicago. That’s great, I just wish the plaintiff wasn’t so neutered in his response: ‘All the people I know who own guns legally are really careful,’ said Pacholski, whose wife, also was a plaintiff. […]