Reformation via Conflagration

by militialaw on March 15, 2014


The hope of an entire conservative generation, Justice Scalia, recently gave a speech where he said the obvious:

“The Constitution is not a living organism,” he said. “It’s a legal document, and it says what it says and doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.”

That got the Hannity/Limbaugh crowd fired up. Too bad he doesn’t really believe that.

Did the neocons forget he didn’t do this in his decision in Heller?

Nope, in Heller he ignored the plain language of “shall not be infringed” and wrote:

Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.

But he’ll still be loved by the Republicans. After all, he’s a typical politician and if there is something GOP voters love is a typical politician.

Have no faith in the courts or the ballot box to deliver us from this police state, gentlemen.

Be ready, steady, and accurate.


How to Get Rich in America 2014

by militialaw on March 15, 2014

Russia brings down a US drone. How did they do it?

“The drone was flying at about 4,000 metres (12,000 feet) and was virtually invisible from the ground. It was possible to break the link with US operators with complex radio-electronic” technology, said Rostec in a statement.

If you want to become rich beyond your wildest dreams. invent a $99 “complex radio-electronic technology” for sale to US citizens.


Another Day, Another Warning Sign

by militialaw on March 15, 2014

Some of my readers think I’m being too harsh on cops; after all at least one of them should be a dedicated Constitutionalist who would never, ever, enforce an unjust law, right?


You remember the Connecticut cop that was so excited to kick down doors to arrest folks who refused to obey the new gun law?

It gets worse.

He also admitted he’d round up Jews and put them in in Ghettos, as long as that was the law.

I’m Jack’s complete lack of surprise a cop believes “just following orders” is a legitimate excuse for enforcing any old law.

I am surprised, however, that he admitted it on Facebook.

The paradigm has shifted. We are through the looking glass. We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Whatever cliche you want to use, the fact is that we are in 2014 but you still think its 1950.

From the dollar, to the government, to the education system, to the police, everything you were taught about America has changed…but you haven’t.

You still go to the voting booth. You still join go on vacation. You still pay your mortgage on your McMansion and run up your credit cards. You shop for and buy a new car, and buy the new super tactical semiauto awesome rifle that makes it to the monthly gun rag. You memorize sports stats and spend your Sundays in front of the boob tube watching ESPN.

In short: you still act like America is not a precipice and tomorrow will be the same as today.

If you continue to think that everything is ok, or even think that everything is manageable, you are going to land hard and crying.

If you think you’ll always be able to pull money out of the ATM, you need to wake up.

If you think the stores will always be open, you need to wake up.

If you think a couple of boxes of ammo through your rifle once a year is good enough, you need to wake up.

And if you think the police are your friends, you need to wake up.

Be ready, steady and accurate.


Connecticut Police Running Scared

by militialaw on March 13, 2014

“The cops are having the threats…. they are scared,” he told us.

Bullies getting their comeuppance is funny.

That made my day.

But the “he” in that statement above, John Cinque, is incredibly deluded:

“We’re winning this thing; we’re winning this thing hard here,” Cinque said, referring to the efforts to ignore unconstitutional and unlawful legislation that seeks to have citizens register their semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines.

“We’re Winning?” Only the Vichy regime thought it was “winning” when it cooperated with the tyrants.

“That’s the last thing we need,” he added, referring to violence.

“We’re going to try to throw water on this thing and get it calmed down …” Cinque said. “The whole premise of where Joe’s coming from has to be addressed, and now it has been … Now it’s time to calm it down …

“The problem now is, we have a forest fire burning, and we’ve got to see how we can go about extinguishing it,” he said.

Mr. Cinque is either naive or incredibly stupid if he can’t see that only by threatening violence have Connecticut residents had any level of success…even if it is just postponing the inevitable raids. Police are bullies and like all bullies they only respond to violence. You can’t negotiate with them. You can’t regulate them. You can’t even buy them off (permanently).

As long as they they fear the “people,” the “people” have a chance.

Militias Manufacture Liberty

by militialaw on March 10, 2014

I wrote how I’d like to see us mainstream secession discussions.

Secession necessarily requires an active militia backbone, so it is nice to see someone, a law professor no less, write about the need to teach the masses of suburban dwellers that militias are necessary, mandatory, and the most effective counter to governments.

From the article:

But this departure from the system the Framers set up has encouraged more intrusive law enforcement at home, and more military action abroad. So I’ll ask you: If a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state, then are we insecure? Or unfree? Or both?

I agree with President Jefferson that standing armies are incompatible wit a Free State. It would be quite a blow against this present police state if the million US soldiers, Marines, sailors and aviators took all of their issued gear home with them one day and taught their neighborhood how to use it.

Be ready, steady and accurate.

h/t WRSA

Emails: A Prosecutor’s Best Friend

by militialaw on March 6, 2014

To anyone who could possibly be a target of prosecutors this indictment is an excellent reminder that emails are not your friends when the government comes a calling.

The indictment lays out allegations of fraud against lawyers who were allegedly cooking the books of their firm in an effort to keep lines of credits open and their firm afloat. But if you skip down to page 54 of the indictment and start to read under the “Overt Acts” heading, then you will see the accused and their informants have quite a number of emails that certainly appear to be… less that exculpatory.

Burn it into your mind that every unencrypted email you send is being stored on a server deep in the heart of DC’s intelligence machine, just waiting to be used against you or someone you care about.

I had earlier posted about bitmessage as a possible solution for anonymous and encrypted communication, look into it if using encryption seems too hard for you, but you must do something to eliminate/reduce your library of evidence.

Of course, the best “something” you can do is not write anything down. While extremely difficult to do, keeping communications limited to face to face conversations makes it very, very difficult to be haunted by a written legacy of admissions.

Erasing State Sovereignty, One Court Decision at a Time

by militialaw on March 2, 2014


Yet again, the court system fails the People: “SCOTUS shoot down state’s fight for gun rights.”

The 9th Circuit had found the “Montana Firearms Freedom Act” was unconstitutional because it wrongfully tried to remove DC’s regulation of firearms from certain Montana-made weapons. The Act sought to create the concept of a Montana-only firearm which, according to the plain text of the Constitution, would be outside of the regulation of DC.

SCOTUS refused to hear the appeal from the 9th’s decision, thus making it the law of the land.

To state it another way: The US Supreme Court has agreed with the 9th that DC has no limits on its power.

Stop pretending the courts will save you.

Let the Hoarding Begin

by militialaw on March 2, 2014

David Codrea links to Sipsey Street Irregular’s reasoned argument that the Ukraine is going to cut off the import of Russian ammo.

While steel-cased ammo has been ignored by some in the III community due to perceived negative effects on rifles, if the supply is cutoff of course that will cause brass-cased ammo to be chased by more folks resulting in price increases.

I sincerely hope you have been taking advantage of the prices lately; this might be the last time you see them for awhile.